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 Web hosting features
  No matter which hosting package you decide to pick you still get a full set of features. The most sophisticated technologies provided by Bulix ensure that you will receive probably the best hosting package money can buy.
 We aim at support
  We aim at quality, fast and user friendly support services. All our customers receive for free 24/7 technical support via our integrated into the control panel ticketing system. This system ensures that there is always someone in the support center to answer your question. Our qualified specialists handle each support ticket with extreme care.

 Unique billing system
  Hosting with Bulix is risk-free and there are no hidden charges. Each customer has a "Wallet" assigned in the control panel. All payments are done from the Wallet system. Customers have to put money into the Wallet by themselves, which guarantees that you will not be charged for something you didn't want to pay for. No credit card information is stored on the servers.
 free signup
 instant account activation
 free 24/7 technical support
 Money back guarantee
 no recurring charges attached to your CC
 FrontPage 2002 extensions
 CGI-BIN and Perl enabled
 PHP4 interpreter
 Python enabled
 MySQL databases
 fast Unix servers with Apache web servers
 domain parking
 unlimited POP3/IMAP mailboxes
 SpamAssasin spam protection
 Global and personal mail filters
 State-of-the-art web control panel
 web based file manager
 web based e-mail reader
 custom error pages
 e-mail forwarders
 mod_rewrite enabled
 .htaccess enabled
 Webalizer website statistics
 protected folders
 access and error logs
 FTP server / secure
 POP3 server / secure
 IMAP server / secure
 SMTP server
 e-mail for subdomains
 resource usage stats
 FormMail scripts
 free counters
Free signup

  Setting up your hosting account is free. No setup fees are applied.

Instant account activation

  All account are set up instantly with no delay. Upon sign up you will receive access to your control panel immediately so you can begin setting up your website.

Money back guarantee

  All new accounts qualify for a 10 days Money Back guarantee. No questions asked.

No recurring charges attached to your credit card

  Absolutely no recurring charges will be attached to your credit card. All payments are done by the customers by adding money to the integrated "Wallet" system. No credit card information is stored on our servers, which ensures maximum security., Inc. is the exclusive authorized retailer of goods and services provided by Bulix Hosting.

FrontPage 2002 extensions

  FrontPage extensions are available for free for those who prefer to use FrontPage for creating, managing and uploading their websites.

CGI-BIN and Perl enabled

  All hosting accounts come with CGI-BIN and Perl enabled. If script files are uploaded using our built in web file manager, the correct permissions will be automatically set.

PHP4 interpreter enabled

  The latest PHP (4.3.4) interpreter with full set of extensions is available for those who prefer the power and flexibility of PHP scripting language.

MySQL databases

  There is one database coming with your hosting account and an additional database for each hosted website no matter whether it is a domain or a subdomain.

Fast Unix servers with Apache web servers

  All hosting accounts are stored on fast, load balanced Unix servers with Apache web servers. For further information on our servers and datacenter, please click

Domain parking

  Under your hosting account you have the possibility to just park a domain name and point it to some other site.

Unlimited POP3/IMAP MailBoxes

  All hosting packages come with no limitation on the number of POP3/IMAP mailboxes. You may create unlimited POP3/IMAP mailboxes, aliases (forwarding) or combine a POP3/IMAP mailbox with forwarding.

SpamAssasin spam protection.

  Our clients receive free SpamAssasin spam protection with their mailboxes. There are also unlimited global and personal mail filters.

State-of-the-art web control panel

  Our custom built web based control panel will give you plenty of freedom to manage you account's options. Everything can be done directly by you!

Web based file manager

  For those who are not familiar with FTP, we have implemented a web based file manager into the control panel, which allows you to upload and download files directly from your browser.

Web based e-mail reader

  No matter if you are at home, at work or on a vacation you will still have access to your e-mails thanks to the built in web mail reader.

Custom error pages

  You may create custom error pages for different error codes. Different custom pages can be assigned to all typical error messages.

E-mail forwarders

  Besides unlimited POP3 accounts, you can create unlimited e-mail forwarders or combined forwarding plus POP3 mailbox. A forwarder or combined forwarder can spread the received e-mail message to several addresses.

Webalizer website statistics

  Webalizer statistics are available for hosted websites. Monthly, daily and hourly statistics are available for traffic usage, visits, hits, files, referrers, user agents, etc.

Protected folders

  The built in protected directories manager allows you to easily set up protected folders and manager access accounts.

Access and error logs

  Web access and error logs in raw format can be easily downloaded by FTP or directly from the control panel.

Secure POP3, IMAP and FTP servers

  We provide secure transport layer for POP3, IMAP and FTP connections, which ensures maximum security for your e-mail and file transfers.

E-mail for subdomains

  Unlimited POP3 accounts and forwardings are available not only for domain names, but for subdomains too.

Resource usage stats

  Thanks to our real time resource usage stats you will always know how much disk space your account is currently using or how much of your monthly bandwidth you have used.

FormMail scripts and free counters

  As a bonus we have created an easy to setup FormMail script and web page visitor counters.
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20 Jul 2008 - ZEND Optimizer has been upgraded to latest version - 2.5.3.

28 May 2008 - Image::Magick is now fully supported along with PerlMagick module.

04 Apr 2008 - Demo accounts are now available for the Reseller and Hosting control panels. Links were added on both Bulix website sections and Reseller control panels.

22 Mar 2008 - New Reseller Control panel layout is now available. For those who prefer the old one, there is a Control Panel Style switch.

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