Bulix resellers receive their earnings every 2 weeks. Pay periods are as following:

1st through 15th
16th through the end of month

  Payments are sent out 15 days after the end of the pay-period. We do this to protect from fraud and also to reflect "MoneyBack" requests from customers. Cheques, ACH direct deposit and international wire transfer are available as payment options. Minimum payout is set to $100.00. No transaction fees apply except for international wire transfers for amounts under $200.00, where a $20.00 transaction tax is deducted.

Reseller login
20 Jul 2008 - ZEND Optimizer has been upgraded to latest version - 2.5.3.

28 May 2008 - Image::Magick is now fully supported along with PerlMagick module.

04 Apr 2008 - Demo accounts are now available for the Reseller and Hosting control panels. Links were added on both Bulix website sections and Reseller control panels.

22 Mar 2008 - New Reseller Control panel layout is now available. For those who prefer the old one, there is a Control Panel Style switch.

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