Key features
  As a Bulix reseller you are always staying on top of business. Once a reseller you already have your own private label hosting company. Here is what you get:

 free signup
 no investments
 web based control panel
 fast, load balanced Unix servers
 complete private label turn-key solution
free 24/7 support for you and your customers
 easy implementation into your current website
 payments every two weeks
 integrated billing system
 full reports

Free signup

  Starting up as a reseller is easy when signup is free. We do not apply any charges to our resellers. You don't even need a credit card in order to become a reseller or run your business. We will only charge you if you request a domain name registration with your reseller account.

No investments

  Being a reseller with us does not require investing a dollar! Since there are no charges you may spend your budget for advertising purposes, which is a key factor in becoming a web hosting leader.

Web based control panel

  Our reseller control panel is custom built and meets all reseller requirements. It will help you modify your hosting settings, plan prices or turn-key options. For resellers using the built in turn-key websites we also offer e-mail manager. Resellers can create POP3 accounts or Forwarders for their accounts and read/write e-mails from the built-in WebMail.

Fast, load balanced Unix servers

  Customer hosting accounts are stored on a clustered independent server network. All servers are load balanced, which means that when a given hosting server reached a predefined load level, we stop adding new accounts to that server and switch to the next one.
  All servers are monitored 24/7 by our monitoring software and administrators. Industry maximum uptime of 99.9% is guaranteed.

Complete private label turn-key solution

  Being a reseller does not require any html or design skills. We have created ready to use website templates for our resellers. Configuration takes just a few minutes. You can customize your own title, meta tags or custom website texts. For further information, please click

Free 24/7 support for you and your customers

  Providing 24/7 support to your customers is a key factor to success. That's why we provide free 24/7 support for your clients, so you will have all your time to focus on attracting new clients. For further information on support, please click

Easy implementation into your current website

  For those who already have a website we offer an easy implementation. In order to sell accounts all you need to do is insert our i-frame signup form into your current pages. A two line html code and you're ready to sell. For further details, please click

Payments every two weeks

  Bulix resellers receive their earnings every two weeks with cheque, ACH direct deposit or international wire transfer. For further detals, please click

Integrated billing system

  Save time and money! Your reseller account comes with integrated billing. We handle all transactions. You will not need a merchant account, a shopping cart or 3rd party processing company.

Full reports

  Resellers get full detailed reports on all sales and commissions. Those using a turn-key website also receive detailed Webalizer reports for their websites.
Reseller login
20 Jul 2008 - ZEND Optimizer has been upgraded to latest version - 2.5.3.

28 May 2008 - Image::Magick is now fully supported along with PerlMagick module.

04 Apr 2008 - Demo accounts are now available for the Reseller and Hosting control panels. Links were added on both Bulix website sections and Reseller control panels.

22 Mar 2008 - New Reseller Control panel layout is now available. For those who prefer the old one, there is a Control Panel Style switch.

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