Data center
  Bulix servers are located in a 82,000 square foot data center owned by Sago Networks. The data center is a high class hosting facility located in Tampa, Florida.
  The data center was built by a group of Data Center engineers with a combined 86 years of experience in technology construction and, specifically, data center construction and maintenance.

Power system

  All facilities are backed up by UPS, Generator, and Battery power to support 4,000 amps running at 13,200 VAC with full N+2 redundancy.

Environmental system

  Environmental conditions are ensured with 590 TONs of Computer Room Air Conditioning and 180 TONs of house air conditioning in the data center alone.

Network Infrastructure

  A Full Cisco Powered Network that optimizes wire speed technology.

Network Operations Center

  The N.O.C is a 2,500 square foot 24/7 manned network control and operations center that ensures all systems are continuously available and support and monitoring is always outstanding.


  In addition to redundant dedicated connections to Tampa's largest Carrier Hotel, the facility also has extensive availability of dark fiber and several Internet Carriers onsite.


  From the basics, such as 24/7/365 security and onsite network monitoring; to the advanced, such as strategically placed biometric palm and thumb scanners, extensive use of physical man traps, dual authentication access doors, and a state-of-the-art Altronix powered security system, every possible measure has been taken to address the concerns of even our most security conscious customers. The latest addition to the security system is the expansion of a CCTV system to 116 cameras with archived storage of up to two years for selected cameras.

Fire Suppression

  All of the Data Center space features waterless chemical fire suppression.

Reseller login
20 Jul 2008 - ZEND Optimizer has been upgraded to latest version - 2.5.3.

28 May 2008 - Image::Magick is now fully supported along with PerlMagick module.

04 Apr 2008 - Demo accounts are now available for the Reseller and Hosting control panels. Links were added on both Bulix website sections and Reseller control panels.

22 Mar 2008 - New Reseller Control panel layout is now available. For those who prefer the old one, there is a Control Panel Style switch.

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